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Eventually, this page will provide documentation about the project and installation etc.  Right now it is pretty spartan...


Legal Stuff


  1. Download the latest version of LHTTPd from Sourceforge.
  2. Un-tar it, and change directory to lhttpd-0.1
  3. Type "make".
  4. Run "su" if not already root
  5. Run "make install".
  6. Change the port it is running on to port 80 in /etc/lhttpd.conf (It will be set to 3000 by default).
  7. Optionally, add /usr/local/lhttpd/ to your path.
  8. Run "/usr/local/lhttpd/light start" to start the server
  9. If you get something like "Could not bind to port" then change the port to something else, as that port is already in use.
  10. Copy your web content to /usr/local/lhttpd/htdocs/
  11. Use your web browser to go to You should see the LHTTPd test page.
  12. To shutdown the server run "light stop" or "light restart" to restart the server.

Legal stuff

All code remain the intellectual property of the respective authors, but its usage by others is governed by the license below.

LHTTPd is released under the GPL.

LHTTPd is free software, and comes with no warranty or guarantee of its suitability to be used.
The LHTTPd development team, and all other associated parties take no responsibility for damage caused directly or indirectly by usage of LHTTPd. 
This includes inaccurate documentation of LHTTPd.